About me


Growing up in Brisbane in the 60s and 70s, Mum and I lived with mum’s eldest sister, Carmel. Aunty Carmel had a great collection of old family photographs and an old family Bible, and I recall dragging them out of the “hot water cupboard” on rainy days and school holidays and soaking up the images and the stories of the people in them.  I was also greatly influenced by my cousin Andrea, and my mother’s cousin “Aunty Doreen” both amazing family historians.

I dabbled in genealogy off and on for many years when work and family commitments permitted, but it wasn’t until around 18 years ago that I finally started researching seriously – and what a time to get started.  Every single day, more information becomes available on-line, and on-line courses are being offered in all aspects of history and genealogy. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a wealth of information that has not yet been digitised, and may never be – its all a matter of knowing where to look.

In 2017, I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Diploma in Family History.grad2

After attaining the Diploma in Family History, I founded IXL Family History with a goal to help others get started on this amazing road of discovery, or perhaps “give them a jump-start” when they need some help knocking down those brick walls, or dead ends.

I have lived in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, about 20 kms from Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia, for around 15 years. Pre-2020, (we all know what happened then), I received a RADF Grant (Regional Arts Development Fund) to give monthly presentations on family history at two of our local libraries.  I did this for around 18 months and worked as a volunteer at the libraries providing one-on-one assistance with family history.  These days, I admin several facebook groups including the Gatton and District Family History Team, Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society, Family History and Genealogy Buy, Swap, Sell, and the Toowoomba UTAS Study Buddies. I am also on the committee of History Queensland.

Jacqui Rose Brock DipFamHist
Email: ixlfamilyhistory@gmail.com

Memberships:  Society of Australian Genealogists, Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society, Genealogical Society of Queensland, History Queensland, Gatton and District Historical Society.